Procom acquires a British antenna manufacturer Skymasts Antennas Ltd.

Procom is rapidly expanding into new markets and new market segments.
As a part of the Procom strategy, Procom has acquired the English company Skymasts Antennas Ltd, Northampton.

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Procom adds DAS components to portfolio

Procom have recently introduced some new Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) components to their wide portfolio of RF products.

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Two new TETRA products

Procom have recently added two new products to its wide range of TETRA products. PHY-TETRA-2-FME is a combiner for the coupling of two TETRA mobile transceivers on one common antenna.

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Procom introduces the XG-COMBI Mount offering a GPS antenna with external antenna for a wide variety of applications including VHF, UHF, TETRA and LTE 70...

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CXL Antennas

Procom’s CXL antennas are in frequency ranges from 66 MHz to 5900 MHz. All the CXL antennas are coaxial- and omnidirectional antennas and mostly applied...

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Novelty! Procom's TETRA combiners for maximum reliability! To ensure the highest possible decoupling between several TETRA- radios, Pro...

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